Yahoo! Answers by Jay V Mail: That Two Persons

Yahoo! Answers by Jay V Mail: That Two Persons

July 16, 2012 11:11 am Comments are Disabled


During Jay V Mail’s four-year hiatus, Jay V kept his question/answer skill fresh by visiting Yahoo! Answers and helping many hapless, troubled people. Let’s see what he had to say!

Cbc asks:

Whats the name of that two persons?
hello,read years ago and cant remember that two names of people, the story is make it short,
before a war, (mayber world war 1 or 2 or some other war) there were two workers who worked together to produce gold, and after the war took place, their books who were used to make pure gold were are burned down. and there is no significant evidence of their natural of their job. however, after their death, they examined their gold and they found its a pure gold, and they made around 600 kgs as can remember from the story, this story was published years ago in some scietific magazine, and that magazine is lost now!!!!!!!!!! can you remember their names?

Jay V answers: *

I think one’s name was Lewis, and the other’s was Clark.

* Selected as best answer

So if you are afraid of getting your questions answered by Jay V Mail, fear not. We clearly know what we’re doing!

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