Yahoo! Answers by Jay V Mail: under covers

Yahoo! Answers by Jay V Mail: under covers

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During Jay V Mail’s four-year hiatus, Jay V kept his question/answer skill fresh by visiting Yahoo! Answers and helping many hapless, troubled people. Let’s see what he had to say!

~takenbythebest~ asks:

How to get over fear of sleeping outside of the, i know..crazy? yes…?

Im 16 years old and I feel so crazy being afraid of the this…I have slept under the sheets, like my head and everything because when I was 7 there was this news story about this kid who got beheaded, and i was like, “what is beheaded mean?” my dad told me what it meant and ever since then i was afraid to sleep out of the sheets because im afraid that i’ll be beheaded. i know that its nearly impossible right now unless someone breaks in…and usually they shoot you now..very irrational..but anyway…how do i get over this fear, i sleep with no lights on but my sister usually has a light shining from her door. help me anyone??

Jay V answers: *

Try sleeping without sheets. Many ex-smokers say they quit “cold turkey” and ripping the blanket off your bed is the same thing. If you can’t handle that, you’ll have to train yourself not to sleep with the sheets completely enveloping you by slowly pulling the sheets down each night. Start by exposing just the top of your head (the hair part). Once you can comfortably sleep like that, pull it down so that your eyes and nose are now visible. Once that’s comfortable, pull the sheets down to your chin. And on and on until you have accomplished your goal.

You will need support from your family, also, so you may have to explain this to them. They may also have great advice on how to get over the fear. You will need a lot of positive reinforcement, so your little brother is ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED TO SNEAK INTO YOUR ROOM WHILE YOU’RE SLEEPING AND SAY “BOO!” one night, or you’ll forever be doomed to sleep with the bed sheets covering you completely.

Something else to consider: in ancient times, dead people were completely covered in a sheet and then buried in the Catacombs.

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So if you are afraid of getting your questions answered by Jay V Mail, fear not. We clearly know what we’re doing!

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