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JVM #66: Pizza Etiquette

JVM #66: Pizza Etiquette

Uzoma from Texas asks:

if you order a pizza and they deliver the wrong order. Is it acceptable to eat the other pizza while you wait on yours??

Well actually, I have my answer and Brady has his. So, who do you agree with?

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Question Monday: Have you had a good cheesesteak outside of Philadelphia?

Question Monday: Have you had a good cheesesteak outside of Philadelphia?

Photo by Kim Scarborough

Jay V Mail: We got questions. You got answers?

Hey, all you Philadelphia-area people. Are you like me, and whenever you’re out and about in the world, do you look at “cheesesteaks” or “Philly cheese steak sandwiches” and grimace? I mean, I’ve been to Chicago (where this sandwich is from), but I missed out on this image until just recently. It’s kind of making me want to go to Chicago to get one of these.  Also, it’s making me want a cheesesteak for lunch. That’ll be fun, eating a greasy, meaty sandwich on a torpedo roll while wearing a suit.

Anyway, the questions I have for you today, on this fine Monday.

  1. For Philly peeps, Do you eat cheesesteaks when you go to foreign states or countries? What’s your best and/or worst experience?
  2. For the foreigners, have you had a cheesesteak in Philly? And if so, do you eat them in your home area? Are they not as good since you’ve had the real thing?
  3. If you don’t know what a cheesesteak is, will you please just go and eat one today???? You will not be disappointed. I promise.


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