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JVM #78: Medieval Superheroes

JVM #78: Medieval Superheroes


Mike DeAngelo from That’s Entertainment asks:

Hey Jay V, have you ever seen a medieval superhero comic? Let me answer that question for you. No. No you haven’t. Discuss.

(image courtest of denis medri)

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JVM #73: Hulk vs. Superman

JVM #73: Hulk vs. Superman

Hulk vs. Superman

Greg from Washington, DC asks:

Who will win in this fight hulk Vs super man

Mike Habjan has already envisioned what a battle between Superman and the Incredible Hulk would look like. Check out all of his work on his YouTube channel.

Special surprise guest, pinball expert Netter Rox!

Call us at 412-540-5298 and leave us a question!

And check out both That’s Entertainment and the Kickstarter for Mike DeAngelo’s latest project, the Enemy Within!

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