Question Monday: Have you had a good cheesesteak outside of Philadelphia?

Question Monday: Have you had a good cheesesteak outside of Philadelphia?

December 5, 2011 10:35 am 4 comments

Photo by Kim Scarborough

Jay V Mail: We got questions. You got answers?

Hey, all you Philadelphia-area people. Are you like me, and whenever you’re out and about in the world, do you look at “cheesesteaks” or “Philly cheese steak sandwiches” and grimace? I mean, I’ve been to Chicago (where this sandwich is from), but I missed out on this image until just recently. It’s kind of making me want to go to Chicago to get one of these.  Also, it’s making me want a cheesesteak for lunch. That’ll be fun, eating a greasy, meaty sandwich on a torpedo roll while wearing a suit.

Anyway, the questions I have for you today, on this fine Monday.

  1. For Philly peeps, Do you eat cheesesteaks when you go to foreign states or countries? What’s your best and/or worst experience?
  2. For the foreigners, have you had a cheesesteak in Philly? And if so, do you eat them in your home area? Are they not as good since you’ve had the real thing?
  3. If you don’t know what a cheesesteak is, will you please just go and eat one today???? You will not be disappointed. I promise.



  • You’re lucky, I am a Cheesteak Connoisseur and a Cheesteak Enthusiast.

    You can get good Cheesesteaks right outside philadelphia and in South Jersey. Beyond this close proximity, it isn’t easy to find a good one.

    Even New York calls them Steak Sandwiches and they aren’t good, I have eaten plenty when I worked there. My wife lived in LA and I even tried some “Steak Sandwiches” there and they were horrible. (On a side note they have some amazing late night taco places which I wish we had here)

    A lot of it has to do with the bread. There are Cheesteak places around the country that get Amoroso bread shipped to them because these restaurants are designed for authentic Philly Cheessteaks. While I’m sure these places are great, real cheesesteaks are best within the Philly area.

    By the way, I’m so eating one for lunch today. Big John’s on Route 70 in Cherry Hill makes a killer Cheeseteak.

  • haha never!! 😀

  • The one I had at 99 Miles to Philly was the best thing I ate in NYC but there’s nothing in London to compare it to.

  • Amber

    That is the unhealthiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!!!! :O *Arteries clogging just looking at it*