About Jay V Mail

Jay V Mail has a rich yet sordid history dating back to 2005, when Jay V started his first ever podcast. It was simply titled Jay V Mail and had a simple format: answering listener-submitted questions. The show went on for three seasons and had over five entire guest- and co-hosts, though one was virtual.

Since late 2005, the show is regularly hosted by Jay V and Brady.

Plot Synopsis

Season One

In the spring of 2005, Jay V Mail was released mid-season on the Internet, airing over 10 episodes and introducing both Jay V and Technical Difficulties to the world of podcasting.

Season Two

The second season of Jay V Mail began in earnest in September 2005 with a new co-host to stir up some drama—longtime friend Brady Hicks. As the two were never able to get along with each other, Jay had to choose between the two, and after a Three-Part Challenge, Brady emerged the victor. However, the show would not sail as smoothly as they had thought, as TD continued to rear his ugly head and tamper with the show.

Season Three and Cancellation

Season Three aired from September, 2006 to March, 2007. Technical Difficulties was around much less than the previous season, though it was apparent that Brady and TD were able to establish a civil working relationship. Season Three also brought an affiliation with the Freeborn Radio Network, as well as a move to Podomatic.

Ultimately Jay V Mail was cancelled abruptly by the producer late in 2007.

The New Jay V Mail

Jay V Mail had been on an extended hiatus since 2007, but returned in September 2011 with all new questions, answers, and a new numbering system, among other things!

Jay V Mail is published every Wednesday at 8/7c except for the days we don’t post a show, and is syndicated on the following sites: